On-Site Risk Management Audit - Call for Pricing

Dr. Machen will spend approximately one hour on the telephone with you and learn about your specific practice and your goals for the audit. Dr. Machen will then schedule a mutually convenient day to spend at your office and observe first hand the operation of all aspects of the practice including the doctor-patient/parent  interactions, the doctor-staff interactions and the staff-patient/parent interaction. Depending on travel schedules, Dr. Machen will also meet privately with you either the evening before or at an early breakfast to further discuss the specific client and/or practice concerns or needs.

Dr. Machen and his co-principal, Hollie A. Bernstein Machen, Esq. will discuss the information obtained and design a specific, comprehensive and customized Audit program, and will be responsible for preparing the materials, sending the surveys, evaluating the returned surveys, discussing the surveys, reviewing all records, correspondence samples, charts, documentation, procedures and protocols, along with completed questionnaires and all other information.

Then, you and Dr. Machen will have one or more telephone discussions regarding the materials submitted. Next, a detailed Audit Report will be prepared and submitted for  your review.

On-Site Risk Management Audit     -     Call for Pricing
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