Managing Risk in Orthodontic Practice - Book

“For less than the cost of a one-hour consultation with a lawyer who isn’t an orthodontist or a judge, this book gave me the framework to improve patient care, help my office function better than it ever has and stop worrying about lawsuits.”       —M. Arthur Roberts, DDS, MD

Dr. Machen is the recognized expert on risk management in orthodontic practice and brings his knowledge and expertise together in an informative book which gives the reader an understanding of the issues which present risk in an orthodontic practice and how to reduce that risk.  The goal is to make the practice stress-free while providing optimal patient care, increasing referral sources and most of all, eliminating lawsuits.  Dr. Machen introduces Encounter-Based Risk Management (EBRM) through which the above practice goals can be achieved.

Managing Risk in Orthodontic Practice - Book
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